Should You Choose Real Wood or Composite Wood Shutters? When you want to install window shutters, you will have to choose from the variety available in the market. The shutters you should choose will depend on various things such as function, material used to make them, and your budget. Among the most popular materials used to make shutters are wood and faux or composite wood. These materials give shutters a natural look which makes a house look classical. However, one question you may have is whether to purchase a real wood or composite shutter. Which one will be best for your home? Installing plantation shutters will instantly transform your home and improve its market value. There are different things that can guide you to determine the right type of shutters to go for. When it comes to wood and faux (fake) wood shutters, the former have been around for a long time than the latter. Faux wood or composite wood shutters are made from various materials such as fiberboard and vinyl. Benefits of Real Wood Shutters Real wood shutters have a number of advantages over faux wood ones. To begin, real wood shutters last longer. The shutters may be more expensive but their cost is justified due to their longer durability. If you plan on living in the same house for many years, the best shutters to go for are those made of real wood.
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In terms of design, real wood shutters also beat faux wood ones. You can use the shutters for larger panels and they will still be in excellent form. On the flip side, if you use faux wood for large panels, the material may end up sagging.
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Aesthetics is another area where real wood comes ahead of composite wood shutters. If you wish, you can paint real wood in any color you want. On the other hand, composite shutters come in limited colors of beige and shades of white. Generally, you will need to carry out more maintenance on real wood shutters than faux ones. To make your work easier, think carefully of the colors you would want the real wood shutters to have. For instance, real wood is a great option if you are looking to stain the shutters. When real wood is stained, its natural characteristics such as burls, pine knots and tiger stripping show. If you would like to paint the wood in a particular color, then go for faux wood rather than real wood. The natural characteristics of real wood are lost when you paint it several times, forming layers. You should look for qualified shutter installation companies to help you install the window treatments you choose. When you have found some installers that you feel will be a good fit for the project, carry out a background check on them. For instance, find out about the experience of the installers.

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