Why Cursive Handwriting is Necessary for Your Child Kinds nowadays are rarely taught cursive handwriting skills -if you are keen enough, you have already noticed this. The schools visualize typing as the future of writing and have opted to educate their students on typing skills instead of writing. Controversy, therefore, is on the rise in school since kids who are in elementary classes and are still developing their reading a writing skills need education on handwriting. In 2010, the Department of Education produced their Common Core State Standards for education and curiously cursive handwriting was missing. This documentation is created to govern the core practices that are to be applied in English and mathematics. With these standards comes a set of expectations that students are required to realize in order to be successful in their college education as well as careers. In place of cursive handwriting, keyboarding was introduced as a mandatory skill for elementary school children. This has led to many people condemning the move to depict that keyboarding is better than handwriting skills. While there are no real reasons for eliminating cursive handwriting, it can still be remembered as one of the fundamental aspects of elementary education. The Common Core Standards has made the practice optional by allowing states to decide whether or not to teach the practice. As a result, many states have opted to stop teaching cursive handwriting altogether and instead view it as time wasting and old-fashioned.
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Whether you are for or against inclusion of cursive handwriting in elementary schools, you need to remember that this is an essential part of education. These changes in the education system just go a long way to show how adults make changes without considering the interests of the young learners. There hasn’t been a clear explanation or even evidence about the need to eliminate cursive handwriting from the curriculum. The kids are now learning keyboarding as part of their elementary school education. There has been little regard on the development of handwriting, spelling, and composition.
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There is a wide range of resources that you can get online whenever you are thinking of learning cursive handwriting. With cursive handwriting, kids develop neuropathways that are essential in responding to repeated actions and habit changes. In cursive handwriting, letters connect to each other differently. This is more demanding to the part of the brain responsible for converting symbol sequences into movements of the hand. Although there might be a lot of controversy when the topic of cursive handwriting is introduced anywhere, there is no denying that cursive handwriting has had a huge impact in elementary school education.

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